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How might we convey the changing environment inside Brazil’s largest company?

In a friendly version of Samson and Goliath, we worked with Brazil’s gigantic company on many projects, negotiating the behemoth’s gripping structures until reaching a series of unlikely results.

Our first project with Petrobras was one of its most important design projects; we won a competitive bid for its Annual Report and financial documents package. A project at a time that involved three 200-page books, a fully interactive expanded online version, and a series of print and digital documents, each in 3 language editions. Eight months-long and 25+ products in total, including a Braille version, the project involved all aspects from concept to production, managing 3 client-teams, and all editorial and design matters.

In the following years, Tabaruba developed corporate presentations, editorial projects, and campaigns for different areas with Petrobras, all of them exceeding the demand requirements and expectations.


The strategic investment in “out of the oven” last generation typefaces in the AR 1800+ page projects generated a 50x return in printing-costs savings.

‘Profissões do Futuro’ pamphlet’s commission was turned into a complete promotional campaign, all bells and whistles included, from logo to visual language. Turning the budget investment of a single booklet design job into a high-engagement high-conversion campaign.

Ethical and governance issues raised by Tabaruba were incorporated into Petrobras bidding process standards, making sure copyright and license issues were officially incorporated into its design contracts.


UN’s Global Compact considered the Petrobras 2006 and 2007 Social & Environmental Balance (part of the AR set) to a global benchmark
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Readers’ Choice Awards, Best Annual Report, Global, 2006 AR
GRI Best Report: All Stakeholder Groups 2006 AR
GRI Best Report: Civil Society, 2006 AR
Investor Relations Global Rankings: Best On-Line Annual Report (Oil Gas Industries), 2007 AR
Global OAR1 Award, Best Online Report, 2007 AR
Investor Relations Magazine, Best Annual Report, 2007 AR
Abrasca Annual Report Award, 2007 AR


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“Tabaruba Design was critical for Petrobras’ positive editorial results. Petrobras’ Annual Report is a massive production. It involves from the operational and financial operations to the social and environmental commitment sectors, requiring constant contact with numerous internal clients.
Despite being a small design agency, Tabaruba’s strategic planning and processes guaranteed productivity and made sure the work flowed smoothly. Tirelessly in their client’s attention, Tabaruba’s full-commitment to the project gave us security and calm during the whole process. Without any doubt, they were a great partner.

Tereza Lobo