Uma Gota No Oceano

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How might we inspire premium yet accessible and be native while cosmopolitan?

During four years, Tabaruba was responsible for Gota’s Brand Management and Strategy, website, social media, visuals, and materials for socio-environmental campaigns and projects for the NGO and its partners.


Gota’s activities are organized in the promotion and fight for awareness of 4 main pillars/themes: “Energy Alternatives,” “Sustainable Development,” “Climate Change,” and “Traditional Peoples.”

Keeping up with all of Gota’s 1M+ followers on several social media channels required weekly micro-actions and posts while developing mid- and long-term campaigns unifying and strengthening them.

Many campaigns were developed for desolate partners and causes that relied mostly on Gota to gain public awareness and governmental attention.


Constant and persistent micro-actions and refined execution created ripple effects with unimaginable reach.

The result of the four years of our partnership with Gota is manifested in Gota’s increased engagement and the many policy changes it helped set.

With more than 1M followers on its social networks, our campaigns and social media production helped Gota reach tens of millions of people monthly and generate spontaneous media valued at US$5M/annually in mainstream media articles and reposts.

Our campaigns helped stimulate public mobilizations and pressure that were instrumental in securing indigenous lands’ demarcation (Munduruku and the Raposa Serra do Sol Indian Reservation), the Quilombola people’s demarcation’s ancestral rights, and the expansion of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.


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