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How might we instill premium yet gettable be native even if cosmopolitan?


Create a new line of premium frozen açaí berry that was “naturally creamy” and, like gelato, is ready to eat right out of the package.

The visual should convey the product’s “premium export quality” while communicating its natural quality and skirting from positioning it as pricey and out of reach.

A popsicle line of products followed and required an adjustment to a visual created for a brand with the sole purpose of being an açaí-brand.


The inclusion of an “açaí scoop” (as an “ice cream scoop”) directly associated with the brand’s logo inferred a clear difference to the competition that, without exception, presents a blended açaí-cream in serving bowls.

Using an engraved map of the Amazon in a delicate background pattern incorporated provenance and native “Brazilianness” with the elegance and subtlety necessary for premium product positioning.

The Açaí’s Banana flavor features an Amazon-themed engraving treated in a delicate duotone, bringing continuity to the visual style without repetition.

A new line of ice cream and popsicles required a revision of the brand’s visuals. The creamy gelato-like ball of açaí behind the logo was replaced with customized engravings of the flavor’s main ingredients, preserving the “Frutäa logo over the product” relationship, while the illustrator’s technique brought the style of açaí packaging. A traditional native Brazilian’s pattern was used in 2-color combinations associated with each flavor, keeping the background-pattern usage style.


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“When we contacted Tabaruba, we had already invested in the brand identity, and we were initially skeptical about the ROI of starting from scratch, but our doubts were proven wrong from the first meeting. Their big-picture mindset, combining both artistic and market-oriented approaches with equal brilliancy, made all ventures with Tabaruba sound investments.”

Rodrigo Moura