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How might we inspire our team like we do our consumers?

Coca-Cola Brasil and Tabaruba is the best example of our approach to design as… design. Not as a compartmentalized specialist in branding, editorial, corporate, or product design but in simple and pure “design.”

We started our relationship with Coca with their internal communications, our first time in a “specialized area.”

That seemed to work so well that we were selected to design their Olympics Team’s floor, combining internal branding and environmental design, another first.

That also seemed to have worked well, and we knew what was coming next. At this point, Coca recommended us to Honav, their Global-partner responsible for developing the thwarted Olympic Pins project, in jeopardy of being canceled. The message to Honav, “Cal Tabaruba, they will make it work.”

Obviously, we had never designed a single pin, and, best of all, they all knew that.

The message was clear: trust in this team of designers who will identify the right problem and take all appropriate measures to maximize results and success.


After years of dissonance with the brand’s consumer communication, internal communication was finally pitch-perfect.

Our design-driven approach helped identify and solve communication and experience problems, develop an organizational culture and media delivery strategy, and improve customer experience.

Cola-Cola Olympic Team’s floor became an instant hit, turning into the corporate headquarters’ go-to place. There was always a good reason to visit.

The Coca-Cola Olympic Pin collection for Rio 2016 evolved from an almost-canceled project to an extended contract regarded as an internal quality benchmark.


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“I had my first contact with Tabaruba’s work when they supported HR for internal communications. I was enchanted with the simple and attractive visual solutions, and when I took on the role of Olympics for internal engagement, I immediately remembered them. I strongly believe in visual identity as one of the key elements to bring the spirit of what we want to communicate and, in this case, I wanted our floor to reflect the energy and values of the Olympic games. In addition to visuals, Tabaruba created a layout with several interactive elements, which brought inspiration, fun, built team spirit, and a very positive and cheerful atmosphere.”

Marina Peixoto , Coca-Cola

“In 2015, I was the Corporate Services Manager at Honav and was in charge of the Olympic Rio2016 Pins development with Coca-Cola. At that time, we were under pressure and were recommended by the company to partner with Tabaruba to revamp the product design. They joined the project and engaged immediately with it, understanding the concept and delivering high-level design quality solutions. Bruno, Luciana and the whole team were lovely and competent since the beginning. It was a pleasure to work with them. The collection created was a great success and now is a reference in the Olympic memorabilia heritage.”

Alexandre Cerdeira, Honav