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How might we physically communicate “think outside the box”?


WOB, Wide Open Business Conference needed a launch campaign material that could instantly transmit its transformative message “Think Outside the Box” with a tactile and visual bang… while keeping its production cost to a minimum.

The project also included the event’s logo and visuals and its website.


Working with the client, printer, and package production people from the start let us come up with a super-efficient format and assembly line. That allowed us to produce an 8-color special metallic fluorescent Pantone ink 5-part hard-cover book in a playful and message-driven package while keeping it within budget.



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“Tabaruba is my design agency of choice. Bruno and his team know exactly how to identify and translate our needs into effective solutions. They are a team of highly creative, zealous, and thorough professionals committed to ideate and co-create with their clients until complete client satisfaction. I was always delighted with the results of the many projects I hired them.

Adriana Melo, Wide Magazine, WOB